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eMAR system for your care home?

If so, you need eMARx, the Electronic Medication Administration Record System, an alternative to paper-based MAR charts. The best electronic medicines management system proven to increase resident safety and improve care home efficiency.

eMARx - making medication administration safe, simple and compliant

eMARx automates the entire medication management and administration process, making it safe, simple, and compliant for everyone involved. The system gathers information, provides prompts and accurate instructions for care home staff, and gives managers real time medication administration data at the touch of a button. Talk to us today about eMARx and you will always be ready for a CQC inspection.

The benefits

Use eMARx and you will benefit from all of this at the touch of a button…
Barcode scanning

Ensures drugs and doses are correct and that medication is given to the right person at the right time, every time.

Care planning system integration

Shares medication data with Nourish, Fusion, and PCS systems, making processes simpler and safer for staff and residents.

Offline medication administration

Allows offline use without WiFi during power outages, syncing back to the office once power is restored.

CQC inspection readiness

Provides a reporting suite to ensure care homes are always prepared for CQC inspections.

Daily manager email reports

Sends daily emails to managers with low stock warnings and summaries of the previous day’s medication administration.

Alert and verification system

Prompts staff with notifications for double signatures on controlled drugs, missed signatures, and overdose warnings.

Digital order charts

Eliminates the need for handwritten MARs by sending digital order charts directly to the pharmacy.

Personalised resident information

Displays on-screen photographs, resident history, and allergy warnings for personalised care.

Year-round support

Offers continual support from 7am to 9pm, 365 days a year.

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